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Aura9 Design


Fabric and Furnishings...Inspired by Nature



Aura9 Design presents you with exclusive, fine quality fabrics and furnishings.

We take the textures and patterns of nature and turn them into distinctive designs for you to use as soft furnishings.

From luxurious Duchess Satin to soft Organic Cotton, we have just the fabric for your interior design project, and our designs can be printed onto a wide range of fabrics, giving you complete control over your soft furnishings.

Choose your design, choose your fabric and enjoy the satisfaction of creating the atmosphere your home needs. 

We also provide you with:

  • Ready made Soft Furnishings

  • Limited Editions featuring Vintage, Handmade & Bespoke 

  • Exclusive Wall Art

Our designs are unique to us, inspired by nature. 

Shop now to achieve your own aura of style!