9 Creative Curtain Ideas

Bored with plain pelmets and dowdy drapes? Here's 9 creative ideas to inspire your next curtain project!

A simple length of floaty fabric makes such a difference to a plain room... if the window isn't overlooked this could be all the dressing it needs, or it would also work with a roller or roman blind for more privacy. Source: Hipages.com

Curtains can be the perfect solution to open plan living, create a cosy corner with some elegant full-length curtains. Source: The Sleep Judge

For when you can't decide on a fabric - use them all! Create a country vintage look with floral panels of different but complimentary fabrics. Source: Ideal Home

If your curtains are more for decoration than everyday use make a statement of them by hanging them on industrial style hooks rather than traditional poles. Source: Mellanie Design

Layered panels of sheer fabric are good for creating depth to your window dressings, and for when you need varying amounts of shade and privacy. Source: The Sleep Judge

Windows of varying height can cause problems when it comes to curtains, this tiered curtain pole arrangement is a good solution. Source: The Sleep Judge

For rooms with an open plan en-suite a curtain can give some needed privacy as well as make a stunning design statement! Source: Looks Like White

Doors can benefit from curtains as well as windows... this attractively draped curtain can be dropped down at night for privacy and to stop draughts. Source: Architecture Art Designs

And finally... don't forget the great outdoors! Use weather proofed curtains on a veranda that can be drawn to keep the wind off or tied back to enjoy the sun. Source: Sophisticated Rust

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