9 Unique Interiors to Inspire

Don't want a boring bathroom? How about a bike vanity unit? This covers all the essentials... space for soap and toiletries, storage, somewhere to hang your towel... (Photo Credit: loveproperty.com)

Do you like exposed brickwork but a full wall might be overpowering? Try this idea and just have a small area of bare brick as a feature! (Photo Credit: homedesideas.com)

For an ocean inspired bedroom, use a collection of vintage oars for a headboard... just make sure you have plenty of soft pillows to lean against when you sit up in bed! (Photo Credit: upcycledcreative.co.uk)

Loft rooms can feel a bit cramped... open it up with a window that's part of the roof and bring the outside in! (Photo Credit: homedesideas.com)

Who says you should keep the same colour flowing through an open plan home? What an awesome way to highlight these curves and bring a unique yet cohesive feel to each separate area! (Photo Credit: homedesideas.com)

Love mirrors but don't know where to put them all? Arrange them together like this, they'll not only look good but reflect much more light than one single mirror would! (Photo Credit: countryliving.com)

Mirrors aren't the only thing that help to make a room brighter... how about a high gloss ceiling to bounce the light around? (Photo Credit: unikavaev.com)

Make a feature of a narrow staircase... this nautical inspired rope handrail and offset runner give so much character that you don't notice the stairs! (Photo Credit: housebeautiful.com)

Do you have a collection of vintage plates? Create a stunning display like this and show off your vintage photos or postcards at the same time! (Photo Credit: freshome.com)

Hope you enjoyed these inspirational images, would love to hear your comments. Keep checking back for more interior design inspiration!

Elaine xx

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