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Best Fabric Scales To Use

While you can adjust the scale of all our fabrics to suit the particular project you're working on, here are our favourite scales to work with.

I've particularly kept in mind using the fabric for cushion covers so many of these fabric scales are suitable for a 16x16" cushion cover so the main part of the design can be placed in the centre of the cushion with the least wastage.

Ayana fabric - scale: 376 pixels/inch

Coira fabric - scale: 433 pixels/inch

Kamyra fabric - scale: 282 pixels/inch

Kya fabric - scale: 272 pixels/inch

Morgana fabric - scale: 325 pixels/inch

Ora fabric - scale: 394 pixels/inch

Roxana fabric - scale: 150 pixels/inch

Tamar fabric - scale: 215 pixels/inch

Vaneta fabric - scale: 282 pixels/inch

Zara fabric - scale: 229 pixels/inch

Zoria fabric - scale: 282 pixels/inch

Hope that's helpful, do have a play around with the scales yourself and get in touch if you need help with anything! 😊

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