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How to order Aura9 Design fabric

Just thought I'd do a quick step-by-step guide to ordering Aura9 Design fabrics as it can look a bit complicated!

✂Click on the fabric design you want to order from the Fabric & Soft Furnishings page, this will take you to a new webpage.

✂Choose a product & quantity - either by the meter, as a fat quarter or a 20x20cm sample.

✂Choose a fabric - there's over 80 fabric types to choose from, so for more info on what each type of fabric is suitable for visit the 'Products' tab at the top left of the website.

✂See how the design looks in the preview panel - and adjust the Design Size with the smaller or bigger buttons until you're happy with it - our preferred sizes for each design are listed below but depending on where you're using the fabric a bigger or smaller design may work better.

Ayana Fabric Design Size: 376 pixels/inch

Coira Fabric Design Size: 433 pixels/inch

Kamyra Fabric Design Size: 282 pixels/inch

Kya Fabric Design Size: 272 pixels/inch

Ora Fabric Design Size: 394.87 pixels/inch

Roxana Fabric Design Size: 150 pixels/inch

Tamar Fabric Design Size: 215 pixels/inch

Zara Fabric Design Size: 229 pixels/inch

Zoria Fabric Design Size: 282 pixels/inch

✂Add your fabric to the cart (quantities of over 4m will automatically get discounted prices), then just checkout and wait for your stunning fabric to arrive! 😍

You can also choose from wallpaper, wrapping paper or homewares in the same design - take a look at the different tabs in the fabric ordering section to see what you can design.

Happy shopping and if you need any help please do get in touch! 😊

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